Can we help FAQ

Can we help Below are some frequently asked questions FAQ and answers to help you.

Our store is open you can shop instore or online. Contact us by phone 01-2789887, with any questions you may have or
email for any queries. We are happy to assist you with your order or any queries.

Where are you located

We are located at 21 Main Street Blackrock Dublin 

When will I receive my order

As soon as you place your order your will recieve confirmation by email from FLEXA, 

Ho do I make sure I ordered the right size bed

Your order is checked by our expert sales team we will contact if we need to clarify any items on your order

Can I track my order online

Yes you can track your order, 

Can I change what side I want the ladder on my bed?

Yes, on all FLEXA beds the ladder can be changed from left to right. 

What age can I use the beds up to? 

All the beds are full size beds with the exception of  Alfred options and as such a Adult could sleep in the bed. So no age restriction.

What weight can a FLEXA bed hold?

The Beds are tested up to 100 kg on a single bed. 

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