FLEXA Blackrock

FLEXA was introduced into Ireland in 1999. Since then FLEXA products have grown and expanded over the years, as a result of this, it is best sold in a specialist shop where the best advise and guidance is available to parents.  We now have dedicated specialists in our FLEXA shop offering excellent product information and customer care across all the product ranges.

FLEXA have expanded globally and there are dedicated FLEXA shops across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  FLEXA Blackrock is a dedicated FLEXA shop in Ireland   .

FLEXA Blackrock was founded in 2011 with a Simple Mission -  "To sell  quality children’s furniture we would have loved to have when we were children and to offer the best customer service to our customers."

We are  passionate about FLEXA  and have years of experience ourselves with FLEXA products,  we fully understand how quickly children's needs and preferences change.  We have also seen that many children's rooms lack the space, functionality and the inspiration to fully maximise the most critical years of childhood development. Dreaming, playing and exploring are not only part of the joys of being a child - they are important behaviours that help children grow into creative, well balanced adults. 

So based on FLEXA Danish design  sensibilities, years of experience in the furniture industry and our conviction that a high quality and extra safe piece of furniture can, and should be reused, we have a speciality shop that is second to none. The complete  range of FLEXA is here for you and your children to explore and we are here to advise you to make sure you make the right choice for your child's room. 

We have added lots and lots of fun accessories, design options and practical add-on’s to help you create the perfect environment for your children. If it’s a super fun indoor playground, complete with a slide and castle tower, a sturdy bunk bed that withstands years of play, or a great study loft that helps your teen focus on their upcoming exams – all of these options can be created from the first FLEXA  bed they started with. Great quality, re-usable, imaginative, and super-safe. 

For many years here in Ireland FLEXA , have been  the solution for many families  - We hope it fits perfectly for your family too! 

Thank you for your interest in our company. We value your feedback, please contact us with further questions or comments. 

The FLEXA Team

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